Sharon Says:
My success as a lawn consultant is based on science-based research and creating a relationship with my clients.

— Sharon


  • Spring transition from Rye to Bermudagrass begins in April, contact Sharon to get a green start on the summer grass season.
  • Spring transition back to bermudagrass should be completed by the end of June.
  • Proper watering is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy lawn. Sharon can talk to you about how to efficiently and comprehensively water your grass.
  • Choosing the right grass variety includes mowing height, amount of water, ability to tolerate shade. Sharon can help you choose the right grass.

Additional Resources

  • University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences link
  • Desert Landscaping for Beginners by Arizona Master Gardeners buy online or For a copy, contact the University of Arizona Maricopa County Cooperative Extension at 602-470-8092
  • Landscape Watering by the Numbers. by Water - Use it Wisely interactive landscape watering guide
  • The transition to summer heat can cause some lawn problems. If you are seeing brown spots, blanks spots, or sad looking grass, we can help.
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