Brown or bald patches, dieback, weeds, disease and grumpy HOA boards are characteristic of grass problems you might be dealing with. Turf-rific's professional turf consultant, Sharon Dewey, can help you with your grass problems.

Turf-rific Lawn Consulting

Landscapers, HOA Boards, Property Management Companies:
  • Sharon Dewey consults as a Lawn Consultant, HOA Boards, and Property Management Companies
  • turf watering and installation
  • lawn care consultation for Phoenix
  • grass problems
  • healthy lawn maintenance
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Turf-rific Lawn Maintenance

  • Lawn Coaching for the DIY-er
  • Summer Lawn care
  • fertilizing
  • Brown patches
  • unhealthy or bare spots
  • Sloping land
  • Turf Maintenance Guide
  • mowing
  • Weed control
  • choosing the right Bermudagrass
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Sharon Dewey can help you with your
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After Turf-rific Consulting and Maintenance